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    Sturdy, Tough-as-Nails Pet Doors
    • Heavy-duty aluminum frames for extra durability
    • Secure locking covers for when you're away
    • Hinged flaps designed to prevent tearing & chipping
    • Multi-year warranties (up to 15 years!)
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    Dog Walking Through Endura Flap for Walls
  • Cat Peeking Through Endura Flap for Sash Windows
    Draft- & Weather-Tight Pet Doors
    • Stop drafts as effectively as dual-pane glass
    • Stay flexible and tight-sealed even at -40F
    • Stay closed against winds greater than 50 mph
    • Stand up to UV exposure equal to 2 years of Florida sun
    Check out our WEATHER-TIGHT pet doors
    Electronic/Microchip Pet Doors
    • Keeps mice, lizards & raccoons outdoors
    • Uses your pet's microchip ID or a key collar
    • Prevent strays from entering your home
    • Keep one pet in while letting one pet out
    Check out our ELECTRONIC pet doors
    Cat Peeking through SureFlap Electronic Door
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Every day we hear from delighted customers who tell us stories of how their pet doors have radically reduced their stress levels, cut their home expenses, and above all, improved their pet's happiness.

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  • "Above and beyond best and only place for a perfectly fit door!"

    I had the hardest time finding a door to slide in next to the main door to fit....UNTIL I spoke to Scott, and this was after shopping 8 other companies ... I cannot say enough ... Thank you so much!

    Five-star review from Rosalie B. View Product
  • "The rain stayed out & the dog stayed in!"

    It just started to get cold here and I have noticed that the double flaps really help keep the heat in and the cold air out. We also had rain yesterday and had no problems with leaks or puddling...This product is great and I highly recommend it!

    Five-star review from Kristin W. View Product
  • "This door is superb - seals tight!"

    I have had this pet door for around 2 years. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the Columbia River Gorge - high winds, rain, sleet, snow, blazing hot summers. ...The pet door panel as a unit probably seals better than the sliding glass door itself!

    Five-star review from Todd. View Product
  • "Cannot say enough about the durability!"

    I have had this door for approximately 18 years!! I am amazed that I had 3 dogs that have all passed on at ages above 13 years and we now have another set of 3 pups that are still using the same door!

    Five-star review from Sue. View Product
  • "Best quality doggy door I have ever used!"

    ...and I have used many over the years. We have a large German shepherd who has eaten prior doors... She has been unable to damage this door. Despite its durability, our small cocker spaniel has no problem using it.

    Five-star review from Linda. View Product
  • "Should have got the Endura pet door years ago!"

    Installation was easy and I consider myself the average DIY type person. The dogs started using it right away … no accidents in the house since getting the door! In Midwest we get heavy rains and winds, and the door doesn't leak or blow open ... We love it!

    Five-star review from DG. View Product
  • "Eliminated raccoon visits entirely!"

    I replaced a magnetic door, which could be lifted up from the outside by the local raccoons. This one can't and it's eliminated raccoon visits entirely. My 2 cats didn't have a problem getting used to it.

    Five-star review from Diana. View Product
  • "The best thing we ever did for our pets!"

    Pet door has been in for maybe 10 years. It is the best thing we ever did for our pets. When we are gone, no worries... Sometimes, when I get home from work, they are out on the deck getting a suntan! It's thick and heavy duty. Our dog and our cat both use it.

    Five-star review from Willy. View Product
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